Glass blue circle, hand-blown,

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Glass blue circle, hand-blown,

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Every day is a holiday whether or ice cream. These six lead-free glass from recycled glass in production. Traditional colors decorated with a blue border, they have to coordinate any fine blue glass. Because they are handmade the size may vary slightly. Strong enough for everyday use. Mouth-blown lead-free glass. Dishwasher safe size: approximately 6 1/2 inches high, five inches wide, and has a border of about 18 ounces of blue glass we have a large selection of hand-blown. See additional images blue edge of the glass. 6 does not include the instruction: Our mouth blown glass alone, the hand is formed, and is made from recycled glass. And entrapped gas bubbles in the form of natural and attractive characteristics, capacity and a slight color change in glassware. Although this is quite durable, this glass is not tempered so some extra care is needed. Dishwasher glassware was removed from the cooling period is necessary. Extreme temperature changes can cause thermal shock and cracking. The glassware is not suitable for providing hot drinks.

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